July 19 - 30, 2021

Full Day Camper Cost: 

This is for those entering 2nd grade - 9th Grade ind FALL of 2021

       $255 for first camper

              o $245 for each subsequent camper


Register and pay in full by May 7th, and receive $15 off PER camper! 

Register and pay in full by June 4th, and receive $10 off PER camper!

Please click the link below and fill out a registration form:

CAMPER Registration Form

Please click the line below to pay via Credit Card:

For CASH or CHECK payment please mail or drop off to: 

Please include in a note with your child's name with the payment! 


2750 Atlantic Avenue

Penfield, NY 14526

Please note! 

We have adjusted the registration forms to TWO parts. 

  • Part 1 contains information that is pertinent to specific campers. (This form can register up to 4 campers at once. If you have more than 4 campers, please submit a second Part 1 with your remaining campers.) After completing Part 1- the from should bring you to Part 2. 
  • Part 2 contains information that applies to the whole family; such as emergency contact information, pick-up permissions, photo permissions, etc. (Part 2 of the Camper Registration is created under the assumption that the information provided is the same for all of your campers. If this is not the case, you may complete Part 2 individually for each of your campers.)

Unfortunately we are NOT unable to provide Squad 0 this year (2021). 

We hope to bring this back in the future. We are sorry for this inconvenience. 

Please contact Dianka Sobiech with any questions.