We would absolutely LOVE IT if you would be willing to volunteer some of your time to hang out with the campers virtually! 

If you would like to volunteer to lead a bible study, an activity, sing some songs, or lead some cheers that would be AWESOME!! We all know campers would be so happy to see your faces. 

If you're interested in helping out in some shape or another, fill out the Staff Virtual Camp Application. The application is the same for both Returning and New Staff members.

STAFF application

Important dates

Camp: July 20 - 31, 2020

Staff job description

If you are a senior in high school or if you are a college student looking for a summer job where you can serve Christ by spreading the gospel through teaching children how to balance good sportsmanship with athletic excellence and get paid, then working a paid position at SBTW is for you! Our paid positions include senior counselor and assistant director.

Senior Counselor:
As as senior counselor, you are in charge of a "squad" of campers. You will lead these campers in everything from competition, bible study, swim, activity instructions and meets. Preferably senior counselors have previous experience as a junior counselor or other camp experience. The minimum age requirement to apply for this position is going into your senior year of high school.

Are you in high school? Looking for volunteer hours? You can earn over 80 hours for the two weeks and gain work experience through being a junior counselor or being on work crew/CIT.


Junior Counselor:
As a junior counselor, your main job is to assist your senior counselor throughout their day. You will be placed with a "squad" of campers that the senior counselor is in charge of leading, but you will take on leadership responsibilities as well. The minimum age requirement to apply for this position is 16 years or older.

Work Crew:
As a work crew member, it is your job to make sure the nitty-gritty things of camp run smoothly. Work crew is in charge of set up and tear down at the beginning, end and throughout the day. They are also in charge of specific cleaning duties throughout the two weeks. 

This is our Counselor in Training position- for those 15 years of age. In this position you will be working closely with a senior counselor or work crew counselor to learn all the different aspects of SBTW Penfield. You will rotate through all the different positions of camp to learn the ropes and to see where your talents best fits for future employment in camp.

Please contact Dianka Sobiech if you are interested in any of these positions.